Automated Gates

automated gateAutomated gates are electric gates that are operated mechanically. They are used primarily for security purposes and to provide a great deal of control to the owner that cannot be achieved with most ordinary gates. They are used largely for private apartment buildings and houses for added protection. They can only be operated by the inhabitants of a certain place, rendering them unusable by the outside world. They aren’t excessively popular in terms of usage since they do cost a lot of money to install but in more distinguished apartment buildings and home communities, they are fairly common. They are two main varieties of gate openers for automatic gates and they are hydraulic and electromechanical. These are operated through the use of different kinds of remotes and those usually cannot be easily replicated since they are protected by security keys. Throughout the short history of automatic gates, they have been quite effective in preventing break-ins and robberies.

The first automatic gate that was ever created was hydraulic by nature and it was made to be extremely user-friendly. Earlier versions did face a few issues such as electricity breakdowns and expensive maintenance but these were soon overcome and newer models were launched. The entire purpose was to create an unbreakable barrier between the inhabitants of a certain place and any unwelcome intruders. Naturally there were ways around this as fences etc could be breached very easily by outside people. More than anything else, electric gates were created to promote a sense of exclusivity which was further validated by their expensive price.

After the first hydraulic electric gate, it became apparent that the cost of production was far too high to break even with a good profit. Although the product had been a success, it was far too expensive to maintain in the long run so other companies soon began to research and think up ways they could reduce costs and come up with a less expensive prototype. This is when electromagnetic run electric gates were created which captured the market with ease. Electric magnetic gates were easier to produce and were also more feasible for mass production. Before long they were being installed by domestic areas in large numbers largely because their maintenance was also cheaper than the alternative.

Gate safety regulations now exist since there have been a couple of unfortunate incidences in which children will killed by untimely closing of the gates. Even now all gates that are manufactured by any brand need to have the proper European or US certification or they cannot be sold at all. Electric gates have evolved and are now more user-friendly than ever before. A calibrated force tester is used to test automated electric gates and they can only be sold if they pass this test.

If you are looking for high quality automated gates Seattle that are certified and installed safely, we recommend you consult with only trusted dealers. For more helpful information, be sure to learn more about the history of the electric gate.